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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Of 'ASP School App'

The following terms and conditions apply to the users of ASP School App services across all of its platforms including mobile app & website platform, emails & SMS.

This site is NOT open to general public and is available to a captive segment connected through a ‘Partner or Participating School’. The user must be associated with the ‘Partner School’ that has partnered with ASP School App for a seamless transmission of information between school and the relevant parents.

The usage sage of ASP School App platforms is governed by the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement between the Partner School and ASP School App. The users are requested to contact their schools for specific terms and detailed conditions agreed between partner school and ASP School App governing the terms & conditions of usage.

However, some of the general terms and conditions that are applicable to broad segment of schools are reproduced below from the agreement between partner school & ASP for the convenience of the users. This list of terms & conditions is no way exhaustive, to get the complete list of terms & conditions, please contact your school that has partnered with ASP School App for its services.

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